An important Carnival of Debt Reduction announcement

(This post is a bit off-topic but I want to get the word out quickly on this.)

I’ll take time now to thank Debt Sucks for hosting this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction and also for his next post on why he’s never, ever hosting a blog carnival again.

I’ve been watching as hosting carnivals has gotten to be more and more work for very little reward.  There were thirty submissions to Jake’s carnival this past week, and he included only four of them.  He deemed the rest to be spam, off-topic, or astray of the rules that I had set up.

And I applaud him for holding a high standard like that.  Carnivals have gotten out of hand with the volume of submissions, and if these things are to remain useful and viable, the rules have to change. has done a lot to make the blog carnival popular.  There’s a flip side to that popularity though:  blog carnivals are easy one-way links for the submitter.  Intentionally or otherwise, it’s become too easy for people to submit to carnivals there.  There is no limit to how many times a particular URL can be submitted at  What’s more, I know of services that will submit one link per week to between ten and fifteen carnivals through, for only $25 per month!  This is possible because there is standalone software that automates the submission process.

So, starting as of about 25 minutes ago, I’ve deactivated the submission form over at BlogCarnival.  The only way to submit to the Carnival of Debt Reduction is now through this submission form on the carnival’s website.

I’ll also be encouraging hosts to be more selective about what posts they include.  Free Money Finance has a good thing going with the Best of Money Carnival.  It was a breeze to host that one.

What I’m hoping this will do is reduce the number of submissions from search-engine optimization companies on behalf of paying clients.  They’ll still be able to do it if they really want to, but now they can’t just click a button to submit a post to the Carnival of Debt Reduction.  They have to come over to the form on the website and do it all themselves.

I’m hoping that’s too much work for them.  I’m also hoping that it’s not too much work for people from whom I actually welcome submissions.

(If you already submitted your post for next week’s Carnival over at, don’t worry, it got through.)

OK, back to regular content. 😉

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  1. says

    I ventured over there thinking of submitting my latest blog post and was surprised to see it deactivated. I found your post through the track back over at Jakes website. That is really bad to only have 4 viable submissions out of 30 something. I would agree it makes more sense to have the submit form in a place that someone actually has to go to it and make an effort to submit the post.

    Are you still going to update the blog carnival page? For instance with future and past hosts?

  2. says

    I just submitted a blog post and there was a section for trackback. I know that has something to do with linking back to my site but I left it blank. I didn’t know what to put in there. If I remember, the submission form at blogcarnival automatically fills in when I put the permalink.

    Let me know if you need further info from me for that trackback,


  3. says

    Damon: I’ll update the schedule on the carnival homepage (not The trackback isn’t necessary since some blogs are set not to accept them anyway.

    Four viable submissions is bad, and it isn’t. Those four posts got comparatively more attention, and people reading the carnival didn’t have to wade through a lot of marginally relevant posts.

    Thanks for your continued support of the carnival!

  4. says

    Ok, thanks,

    What I meant by only 4 viable posts out of 30 being bad, was that 26 posts were not viable. So bad that it is a big waste of time, and unfortunate that people are spamming the carnival. Not bad that only 4 posts were included :-)

  5. says

    Oh, by the way, very informative website. I added you to my rss a few weeks ago and have been popping by now and then. A lot of great stuff in your archives. I added you to my twitter following yesterday as well.

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