Two simple personal finance suggestions for the new year

It’s 2013.  We’ve successfully gotten past the Mayans, and media exposure from the Fiscal Cliff hasn’t claimed any lives that we know of.  Go us.

January 1st is a time for new year’s resolutions, starting afresh, all that good stuff.  Here are a couple of simple suggestions for your finances as we enter the new year.

  1. Spend less than you earn.  Matt Jabs posted his reasoning on his Facebook page, and I don’t think I could improve on it:  “My financial advice for your 2013 is to spend less than you earn. Do that and everything else falls into place.”
  2. If you find yourself not spending less than you earn, start again.  Immediately.  My blogging buddies are torn on the idea of new year’s resolutions anyway.  Why wait until a milestone date to start?  Why not right now?  January 1st is a great time to start doing something positive.  So is July 12th.  Getting the new start immediately will be a good deal for your finances.

Happy new year all.

John Wedding

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    • John Wedding says

      Agree. It’s nice to see a lower credit card bill to pay off, and we already feel like we have more breathing room.

    • John Wedding says

      Dead simple. The other issue is knowing that you’re spending more/less than you earn, and that requires tracking. That’s where I’ve fallen short again and again.

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