Rebate websites with sign-up bonuses

There are some ways to spend less money that are so easy, and so hassle-free, that it’s almost a no-brainer to use.

This is true of rebate websites:  websites that give you cash back simply for clicking through their site on the way to the place you want to shop.

This free money comes from the stores themselves.  Many stores have affiliate programs, which mean that a website can earn money simply by referring traffic to an online store that results in a sale.

Rebate websites get a lot of affiliate income their sites simply by sharing the wealth with their users.  Say Clampeez Tourniquets, Inc., offers a 10% commission through its affiliate program.  A rebate website might share 6% in the form of cash back, and keep the 4%.  It’s win-win-win:  Clampeez gets a sale, the person buying the tourniquet gets 6% cash back, and the rebate website keeps 4% for being in the right place at the right time!

A number of rebate websites do even better.  They offer a sign-up bonus for new users.  They give you a boost on your first cash payout by sweetening the pot with a few bucks.  Free money!

Here is a list of several rebate websites that go the extra mile to offer a sign-up bonus.  Some restrictions may apply on earning your cash back, so please read the terms and conditions when you sign up:

  • EBates.  (Sign UpThis site has been around for a long time: 1998.  It’s the first one I joined.  The first Big Fat Check™ you’ll earn comes with a $5 bonus OR a $10 gift card to various stores!  The site features well over a thousand stores, lots of coupons, and a Daily Double store that offers double the rebate.
  • MrRebates.  (Sign UpBegun in 2002, this rebate website has deals on 2,300 stores and counting.  There’s a sign-up bonus of $5 toward the first payout threshold of $10.  They have a Store of the Week and run regular specials that sometimes feature hundreds of special discounts for different seasons.
  • CouponCactus.  (Sign Up) In between the cashback rebates and the coupons offered by Coupon Cactus, there are over 5,000 stores represented! They offer a $3 bonus toward the first $10 payout.
  • CashbackCat.  (Sign UpThis is a newer site (2009), but it’s come out of the gates charging: 2,000+ stores!  They offer a $5 bonus toward the first $20 payout.  They also support a number of charities, like Make-a-Wish, Humane Society, Toys For Tots, and others!
  • RewardsRunner.  (Sign UpThis rebate site offers cash back on purchases from a few hundred stores, and also offers a $5 bonus for new signups!
  • PennyFul.  (Sign UpOver 1,300 stores on this rebate website — and a $5 bonus just for becoming a new member!
  • LiliDeals.  (Sign UpThe last rebate portal in this sign-up bonus roundup.  Over 1,200 stores, and a $5 bonus for new members!

Have fun with your easy money! ;)

John Wedding

Husband. Father. Web publisher. Musician. John has blogged at Mighty Bargain Hunter since 2005, helping people to recognize the good deals in life.

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  1. I have been on PennyFul for quite some time now and really enjoying it, never even felt a need to swap. That list looks quite juicy though with so many bonuses, so I am going to have some second thoughts :)

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